Prof. Giuseppe Titomanlio research activity from 1970 has been devoted to the study of properties and processing of polymeric materials. In particular his activity has been focused on rheology and mechanical properties of solid polymers, rheology of polymer solution and polymer melts, analysis of problems related to cooling after extrusion and in particular void formation, analysis and simulation of the injection moulding process including frozen in stresses and shrinkage development, studies on topics of generalized relevance to polymer processing such as crystallization kinetics under high cooling rates and flow induced crystallization. The research activity developed by prof. Titomanlio is witnessed by more than one hundred papers published by international scientific journals and a very large number of papers presented at international meetings. Giuseppe Titomanlio joined the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Palermo in 1971, first as research assistant, than as associate professor and from April 1986 as full professor of Chemical Engineering; in 1991 he joined the Chemical and Food Engineering Department of the University of Salerno where he taught courses in "transport phenomena" and "thermodynamics". From 1990 to 1998 Prof. Titomanlio has been member of the Polymer Processing Society executive committee, from 1992 he is member of the editorial board of the "International Polymer Processing" Journal.

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