Author Guidelines for FICOP 2001

Flow Induced Crystallization of Polymers 2001 proceedings will be prepared starting from electronic form of your contribution.
The contribution (maximum 4 pages) should be submitted via e-mail to Secretariat before July 31st (only Microsoft Word or RTF files).
Please, use the Template to prepare your manuscript. Only if you face problems impossible to solve, refer to the Sample Paper and General Instructions.

    1. How to use FICOP 2001 Template
    2. General Layout
    3. General Instructions
    4. Download Sample Paper

1. How to use FICOP 2001 Template

a. First of all, download the template (using the Save As function of your browser): FICOP2001
Problems can occur using not properly configured Netscape. Try this zipped version of the template: FICOP2001

b. After:

b.1 If using a PC, save the template into the directory containing your Word template. Usually it is (English users) "C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsof\Templates" or (Italian users) "C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsof\Modelli".
b.2 If using a Macintosh, open the template in Word and save it as a Word template without the ending ".dot"; then close the file. The default name for the template directory creating during Word setup is "msoffice\templates" or "Microsoft Office\templates".

c. For preparing manuscripts, please open Word, choose File/New and select FICOP2001 template from the list of templates. This way, you open a blank document containing a customized toolbar including nine buttons corresponding to nine different text styles. Settings of margins, head and foot of page will be automatically applied.

d. Write the text, with respect to General Layout. Every paragraph will be formatted applying correct style by pressing the toolbar button:


2. General Layout

The general layout of the manuscript should bee as follows (see Sample Paper):

  1. Title of the papers;
  2. Authors with the speaker underlined;
  3. Affiliations;
  4. Abstract with its heading;
  5. Text including Headings, Subheadings, Tables, Equations and Figures with their Captions;
  6. Aknowledgments;
  7. Reference.

3.  Please, follow this general instructions only if you face problems impossible to solve using the template:
  1. Use A4 paper, setting margins: from top and from bottom 6 cm, from right and from left: 3.5 cm.
  2. Copy header and footer of the page from Sample Paper.
  3. Do not add page number!
  4. Please use Times New Roman or Times.
  5. Normal text: Times New Roman or Times, sized 10 points, justified, single line spacing, 0.5 cm left indented.
  6. Title: normal + bold, 16 point, centered.
  7. Author: normal + centered.
  8. Affiliation: normal + italic, centered.
  9. Abstract heading: normal + bold, 11 point, centered.
  10. Abstract text: normal + 1 cm from left and from right.
  11. Heading: normal + bold, 11 point (also for Aknowledgments and Reference title)
  12. Sub-heading: normal + italic.
  13. Equations: normal + tabulated at 7 cm (centered) and at 14 cm (left aligned).
  14. Caption: normal + 9 point.
  15. Reference: normal + 9 point, [number list].
  16. For all other refer to Sample Paper.