The Conference will be held at Salerno Province Hall (Via Roma, 104 - Palazzo S.Agostino - 84100 Salerno / Italy). It is marked by number 2 in second map of Travel & Accomodation section.

Salerno is a very beautiful town situated on the coast in the middle between the enchanting Cilento coast and the worldwide famous Amalfi.
It appears more and more as a welcoming community for tourists from all over the world. It offers any interesting historical city centre, a wide shopping area where modern shops and small artisan shops can satisfy any requirement and a wide range of cultural and musical events.

You can find much more tourists and other information in the following useful links (a lot of other interesting sites can be reached via university web site: University):

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Travel information in the travel & accomodation section.

Salerno University
University is a few kilometers far from Salerno. The picture below shows the biggest part located in Fisciano, a village twenty minutes far from Salerno. You can find other information in the university web site: University.