Polymer Technology Group

Capillary Rheometers

Two capillary rheometr are available in our laboratory. A CEAST Rheoscope 1000 and a Rosand RH7-D. The Rosand capillary is a twin bore rheometer unit that allows simultaneous measurements on both long and short dies to determine the inlet pressure drop at the die, and therefore absolute viscosity, using the Bagley method. More commonly, 'zero length' dies are used to directly measure the inlet pressure drop and measure the extensional viscosity using the Cogswell method. The twin bore technique gives obvious experimental advantages including improved throughput since both experiments are preheated simultaneously. Alternatively, the software can be configured to run a two material test, thus measuring the apparent viscosity of two different materials simultaneously. The Rosand capillary is equipped with an Haul off system for strength measurements in the molten polymer.

CEAST Rheoscope 1000 Rosand RH7-D