Polymer Technology Group

Welcome to the P.T.G.

The Polymer Technology Group (PTG) is one of the research units of the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIN) depending on the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salerno (UNISA).
The missions of the PTG are to carry on research and to teach university students in the field of polymer science and technology.
Concerning research activities, the objective of the PTG is to characterize the structures, to study the formation processes, and to gain insight into the molecular dynamics of the systems.
The group has more than 10 members among which a permanent academic and scientific staff of 4 persons and a scientific staff of 5 Ph.D. students and post-docs.
Concerning the didactic activities, the members of the laboratory are teaching students at the undergraduate level and the graduate levels in the fields of transport phenomena, thermodynamics, material science.
Up to now more than one hundred papers have been published in international scientific journals so that a great amount of graduate and doctoral thesis works.
Inside the university, members of the laboratory have common projects with researchers of other research units inside and outside the University of Salerno.
Outside the university, they are collaborating with more than 10 academic and industrial institutions in Italy and all over the world.