Polymer Technology Group

DynamicVapor Sorption

DVS Advantage combines the best in microbalance, gas flow and vapor measurement technologies to deliver unsurpassed performance in terms of experimental design as well as instrument accuracy and repeatability. The Advantage uses a dry carrier gas, usually nitrogen, and the user can select one of any two vapor sources. Precise control of the ratio of saturated and dry carrier gas flows is enabled with mass flow control combined with the use of unique real time vapor concentration monitoring for both water and organics. A known concentration of the selected vapor then flows over a sample suspended from a recording ultra-microbalance, which measures the weight change caused by sorption or desorption of the vapor molecule. It is these dynamic flow conditions that enable the sorption/desorption process to be so rapidly studied. The temperature of the whole system is user selectable and precisely controlled under closed loop conditions to ensure that the solute vapor pressure at the sample is constant. The incredible sensitivity and precision of DVS Advantage (1 μg) enables the use of very small samples (typically 1 – 30mg) thus allowing equilibrium to be reached even more quickly. The DVS Advantage is equipped with a camera that provides an integrated solution for the microscopic visualisation of samples during DVS experiments.