Polymer Technology Group

Gaetano Lamberti

Ph.D.Gaetano Lamberti


Assistant Professor


room 205


Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Salerno
Via Ponte Don Melillo
I-84084 Fisciano


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Research interests:

  • Effect of thermomechanical history on final structure of polymeric materials
  • Analysis of the injection moulding process of thermoplastic materials. Applications to technological advanced objects
  • Analysis of film extrusion processes

Dr. Gaetano Lamberti graduated in Chemical Engineering in May 1997, defending a thesis entitled "Modelling of extraction, adsorption and desorption by supercritical fluids. Numerical simulation of dynamic behaviour using Mathcad 6.0 Plus", University of Salerno. He obtained Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering in March 2001 defending a thesis entitled "Flow induced crystallization and transformations of thermoplastic polymers", University of Naples "Federico II". Research activities of dr. Gaetano Lamberti are:

  1. modelling of transport phenomena involved in extraction, adsorption and desorption processes by supercritical fluids from solid matrixes, natural and artificial;
  2. analysis and modelling of thermodynamic and kinetics of phase change (crystallization) in polymeric materials;
  3. analysis and modelling of transport phenomena in polymer film casting process;
  4. modelling of heat and mass transport phenomena in solids, in transient conditions, for different geometries and in presence of different generation terms.

He's co-author of about ten publications on international journals, of some communications to international and national conferences; he's the webmaster of two international conference websites Ficopá2001 and Esaformá2003, for which he's also involved in organizing committees; in the last years he was assistant for didactic activity with reference to thermodynamics, fluid-dynamics and transport phenomena for degree course in chemical engineering and he's assistant for a number of graduation theses, in chemical engineering. He's visiting scientist at mechanicaláengineeringádepartment of TechnicaláUniversityáof Eindhoven (NL) .

List of selected publications
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